20180130_212101-418627209.jpgChanneling inward tonight. I’m really trying to “Act” instead of trying to “ReAct” on how I respond to others lately.

My word for 2018 remains to be ~ AWARENESS!

I am aware that I have a long journey ahead of me to obtain inner peace. I’m meditating and focusing on all the positive enegeries swirling through, and around me. It’s exhausting; draining my energy…so I’m just going to allow myself to “Let it Be”! I will ACT accordingly to those energies from different people and, in certain situations. I will protect myself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I have the power of the Universe…and…I’m not afraid to use it! Giggle.

Thanks Robert (husband) for my books! They’re perfect! I Love You to the Moon and Back Babe!

Thanks for checking in! ~ Lynnie