• Stats: December 29, 2017

* Hips-19 in lost
* Bust-13 in lost
* 5x-XL shirts & pants! (sometimes a size L pants)
Pants were 3x-4x at my highest weight ...
* Size 50 to a 12-14

Highest Weight: 399 lbs
Current Weight: 184 lbs
1st Target Weight: 159 lbs
Goal Weight: 135 lbs


It has been one adventure so far. Its been eye-opening for sure. I am so aware of everything around me; everything I consume; everything I do or don’t do now!

Healthy, positive nutrition in moderation with a large doses of physical activity. (i.e. walking, swimming, biking, cleaning the house, etc). Endless ways to get in physical activity… I will go into further detail in a future post.

Thanks for checking in ~ Lynnie