“Capricorn, The Sea Goat”

Capricorn is a feminine earth sign for which the symbol is the goat. Ambitious, prudent, and hard-working, some Capricornians can be a little too serious for their own good, but many have the ability to let their hair down and party the night away. Some Capricornians are painfully shy and retiring while others are surprisingly outgoing, but even the shy ones become more confident and outgoing in middle age.

You don’t enjoy being rushed into things, and you like to do your work and your chores at your own pace. You are clever but you use your intelligence in a practical way rather than in either an inventive or an overly cerebral manner, and you are not an intellectual snob. Your brightness, coupled with your capacity for hard work and concentration, can bring you success in any number of fields. You can be quite tough in business but your quiet and polite manner and gentle sense of humor help you to get your own way without upsetting others.

Your tendency to be a little too ambitious or too money-minded may alienate others or leave your family wondering when you are likely to find enough time for them as well as for your work. Should that be the case, you must try to create a balance in your life that allows for fun and relaxation as well as work. This may be difficult for you as you enjoy being productive and you like to end each day feeling that you have done something useful with it.

Once you feel secure enough financially, your thoughts turn to the idea of traveling and of taking your family away for a nice vacation. You don’t enjoy traveling alone, preferring to take your partner or extended family along with you for company.

You take a responsible attitude to your personal relationships and to family life, and you would do a good job of looking after stepchildren or in-laws, if necessary. If you are a typical Capricornian, you are extremely good-looking, with a slim figure and fine bone structure which ensure you stay that way well into your old age. You can be a bit of a flirt, but if you are in an important relationship, such flirting is fairly innocent because you are intensely loyal to the one you love.

Astrology books tend to write you off as a dour, stingy bore, but this is so far from the truth that it is laughable. Although you do hate to spend money recklessly, the very thought of a great party gets you loosening your purse-strings faster than a spendthrift Aries in full flood. You love music, and even if you gain weight, you are amazingly light on your feet, with a natural sense of rhythm. This is the hidden side of Capricorn–the side that loves to have fun!   ((Thank You Persephone Rose))